Derby Details 2021 Edition 9

Derby Details 2021 Edition 9 An Eastern Feel by Tom Carley March 1, 2021 The eastern two-thirds of the country has come out of its thaw.  The calendar is turning to March today and with the Derby being May 1, this Derby picture is going to start to develop in the next three weeks.    […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 8

Derby Details 2021 Edition 8 Predicting the Future by Tom Carley February 23, 2021 The weather around this country has affected the prep schedule of many of the horses in the Midwest.  With the cancellation of the Southwest Stakes, we did not have any U.S. prep races last week. I will participate in an exercise […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 7

Derby Details 2021 Edition 7 Weather, Weather, Everywhere by Tom Carley February 18, 2021 The weather around this country turned rough last weekend as a late season storm dumped snow and ice from Texas to the East Coast.  This resulted in several key cancellations that effect the Derby horses and human participants.  Not only were […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 6

Derby Details 2021 Edition 6 “And the Nominees Are…” by Tom Carley February 8, 2021 While this phrase is most often linked to the Academy Awards, they emerge in the racing world each February. This is because the early nomination period for the 2021 Triple Crown races ended on January 23 and was released late […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 5

Derby Details 2021 Edition 5 The Winter Blues by Tom Carley February 1, 2021 The Eastern half of the country is under a serious snowstorm dumping as much as 2 feet of snow on Aqueduct Racetrack and the major Eastern cities.  While fans are snowed in, they can think warmer thoughts by focusing on the […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 4

Knowing the Players by Tom Carley January 24, 2021 The time has come for us to jump into the pool with both feet.  This week we will look at some of the leading barns and do an early analysis on their Derby prospects.  Like any good story the characters will develop over the next four […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 3

Hitting Our Stride By Tom Carley January 19, 2021 The momentum toward the First Saturday in May is really picking up velocity.  Last weekend the first Derby prep of 2021 was held. This week we get a rare Friday Derby prep race with the opening of Oaklawn’s 2021 meet.  The Eclipse Awards will be given […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 2

Two Paths To Be Taken by Tom Carley January 12, 2021 This being the second column of the year, traditionally, this is where we start to introduce the horses, trainers, jockeys, etc. that will make up the path to this year’s Kentucky Derby.   However, in reviewing some data from recent Derbies, I have seen […]

Derby Details 2021 Edition 1

Derby Details 2021 Edition 1 A New Season by Tom Carley January 8, 2021 The holidays are done, the New Year’s resolutions have already been vacated, and the weather has gotten colder.  What does all this mean?  It is time to start the fourth year of Derby Details.  This will be the first weekly column […]