One Doctor’s Rx Pad for a Healthy Equine

It is a good thing that Dr. Stephen Sinatra is an innovative, integrative, and invasive cardiologist. His decades of clinical experience in critical cardiac situations prepared him well for the “ups and downs” involved in breeding, raising, training, vetting, transporting and racing thoroughbred horses. It can be an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows; […]

Baby Talk #35

by Tom Carley     Volume 2   Edition 4 The Calendar reads December 15 and Christmas is just 10 days away.  This edition of BabyTalk is going to be slightly different: I am going to “play Santa” and hand out my imaginary wrapped “boxes” to offer thoroughbred racing fans the gifts you want and […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Feelings

My Monday started as few others had in the 45 prior Novembers of my life. Snow had fallen overnight and the temperature dipped below 15 degrees. Old Man Winter chose this weekend to make his annual appearance in the Midwestern town I call home. The usually uneventful trip to the office turned into a white-knuckled […]


By Tom Carley Early November means different things to different people. Children munching on Halloween candy. Adults making plans for the upcoming Holiday Season. Mother Nature is even busy this time of year as she ushers out the heat of summer and welcomes the cool crisp mornings that give the trees such vibrant colors on […]

Monday November 3, 2014

The day started off not as a typical fall day, but rather as a day in which Summer seemed unwilling to let go of a last opportunity.  The temperature was in the middle 50’s as I completed a sunrise jog around the Griffin Gate Hotel that was the home base for the team. Dr. […]

Tuesday November 4, 2014

This day started out different from most Tuesdays as not only was it the first day of the Keeneland sale, but also Election Day.  David started at sunrise at the sales barn passing out donuts to the workers and informational flyers to the potential bidders detailing the benefits of purchasing one of the two horses […]

Wednesday November 5, 2014

Winter chose this day to make its annual appearance in Lexington. The morning started with temperatures near freezing. The sun of the previous day was replaced by a gloomy grey ceiling. I had breakfast with a former co-worker and could not help but hope that the red hot bidding of the past few days would […]

A Racetrack For All

Horse Racing is known as “The Sport of Kings”.  While this phrase brings to mind large rolling pastures on historic bluegrass farms to the well dressed fans attending the Derby to the Yuppies who flock to Saratoga instead of the Hamptons each late Summer weekend, a Wednesday stop at a local OTB today reminded me […]

Thanks Tom For All The Memories

I know this website is at the early stages.  The site, like a good home, will have many things in common It will be place to provide enjoyment It is a place where you can be honest with yourselves and those you care about It will be a place to host and interact with guests […]

Filly Runs for the Little Girl Who Can’t

  Everyone thinks they have it so tough. But if we would actually take a moment to look at those around us and the challenges they have to overcome, we would see that we do not have it so bad. Racing owner Stephen Sinatra’s granddaughter Cecilia is one of those who has it much tougher […]