BabyTalk #34

by Tom Carley     The BREEDER’S CUP JUVENILE is now in the books.  However, the show and spotlight was stolen by the winner of the BREEDER’S CUP JUVENILE FILLIES, Songbird.  While I typically do not spotlight individual horses until after the horses turn three, I do feel she is worth mentioning and will spend […]

BabyTalk #33

by Tom Carley     All: This is the weekend we all have waited for. Much like Christmas, opportunities to gain over and over and with the size of the pools, it can provide some big scores. History shows longshots abound on this program in the past. Watch the weather as over an inch of […]

BabyTalk #32

by Tom Carley     Today the pre entries for the BREEDER’S CUP JUVENILE are handed into the Racing Secretary’s office in Lexington.   Time to get BABYTALK cranked up and start season 2 in earnest. Some things to remember as we look toward the Breeder’s Cup 2 year old races.  Just a quick glance and […]

BabyTalk #31

by Tom Carley     Today begins the second season of BABYTALK.  Now that the Saratoga meet has started, it is now time to end our summer vacation and get back on the job.  Just like when we were in school, the first edition of season 2 will answer the question, what I did on […]