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I grew up the son of a thoroughbred trainer who raced in Illinois during the summer, and Oaklawn (AZ) and Florida in the winter months.  I started working in the barn when I was 6 years of age, and grew from feeding to mucking stalls to grooming.   I lost connection with the sport when I went to college. Then, upon finishing my degree, I moved to an area that did not have racing.

A banker by trade in my late 20’s, I moved back home and got re-introduced to the sport.  I attended my first Kentucky Derby in 2008, taking a job just outside of Lexington, KY in 2010.  Daily I drove past the famous thoroughbred farms of the industry.  While I always thought I could pick winners, being thrown into this environment only re-fueled my passion for the sport.  After trying unsuccessfully to volunteer for horse organizations (HBPA, Jockey club, etc.), I decided to start publicizing my handicapping thoughts.  I never charged a fee. I did this to help introduce others to the game.

I was introduced to Dr Stephen Sinatra and is wife Jan when a horse they had bred, Desert Party, ran in the 2010 Kentucky Derby.  A few years later I began to write for their website, www.racehorses.com, a column focusing on thoroughbreds training and prepping for the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown. That first 2014 column was entitled BabyTalk for the 2-year-olds and 3-years olds making their racing debuts. Now, Derby Details 2020 continues that tradition. 

Taking this the next step, we introduce my 90-second daily video chats for the exciting week leading up to the 2020 September Kentucky Derby. 


Welcome to “Track Talks with Tom Carley”

Tom Carley at Churchill Downs
Tom Carley at Churchill Downs

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